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My name is Trey Jackson and I grew up in a very materialistic family and childhood without much focus on the spiritual realm. I went to a private school, played sports, studied what would make me money, and lived quite awkwardly to be fully honest.


I grew up hurting emotionally, but I did not stop to understand the sadness or hurt I carried. I simply kept my mind busy, and distracted myself from myself for as long as I could. It took a long time for me to begin to remember I might be more than just this physical body.


A life That Didn’t Fit:

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Remembering The Truth

After graduating from college I started my corporate job making almost 100k a year – so I should have been happy right? No. I started to notice I could see dancing energy, and it perplexed me - and made me want to numb. I thought maybe I am crazy at times. Eventually in my heart of hearts, my soul, I felt and knew something was not right.


Without any sort of plan I quit my job, and thirty minutes later the universe sent me a message. A feral cat bit deep into my bone in my right hand and after a few days I went to go the hospital and received hand surgery for a bone marrow infection. In all the chaos, somehow I felt completely at peace.


Somehow, someway, I knew this transition would work out for the best. I felt that the universe was talking directly to me and telling me it was time to heal. So I began to do something I never thought of doing before – listening.

I am now serving as an Intuitive Coach and Reiki Master to help others remember how to heal and hone into their innate intuitive guidance system.


We all have the gifts, but it takes time, practice, and patience with ourselves to fully realize what we are capable of in our lives. I am here to help you become the most authentic expression of who you really are in your heart, and when you do this you began to realize you have a direct connection to source.


We are all connected, and we all stem from the same source energy. We all have access to an infinite potential when we can be honest with ourselves about how we feel, and integrate the past. You envision your future and it will manifest before your eyes.


We are all spiritual warriors waiting to come online, so together let’s begin to take the steps necessary to wake up the person you know you are in your heart.

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