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I'm here to help others remember how powerful they truly are when living from the heart, their truth.

We all have hidden superpowers, but they've been programmed out of us. We can remember how to regain access.

Here's what some clients have had to say

Alexandra Eisermann.png

Alex Eisermann

Trey has helped me through some difficult and uncertain giving me divine guidance as well as practical tools to help me reconnect to my authentic self. I could not recommend him more as a healer, spiritual counselor and ally.

Maya Lemburg.png

Maya Lemburg, LPC

He is deeply receptive to spiritual wisdom as it flows through him, and articulates this energy in a way easy for me to understand. He was a Godsend

Alexandra Eisermann.png

Joseph Kerr

Trey could not have been more amazing. He explains everything perfectly and his deep voice is calming. He read my situation like a book, offering advice on how to counteract the negativity in my life. I am definitely going back. One of the best healers I have ever met with.

Steve Tras.png

Steve Trask

he was able to intuitively see where I had just been in my life, the present focus, and the near future.... I like that he is very grounded and sensible, but caring and helpful at the same time. I would definitely recommend Trey.


Kiki Wainscott

Trey has a beautiful gift. He is calm, clear, and gentle. He is very present and in the moment with you. I was having an extremely hard chapter of my life, and Trey knew exactly where to guide me... When my session was over, I only felt relief. A smile on my face, and in my heart.

Jessica Calderon.png

Jessica Calderon

I was going through a rough time and Trey's words and guidance resonated deeply with me. He confirmed a few things I needed to hear from an outside source.... I'm so grateful to have the experience and look forward to more.

Dr. Amy King.png

Dr. Amy King

He's the real deal, y'all. If you're looking for someone to give you honest, real, no bullsh*t guidance, he's your guy. I can not recommend him enough.

lauren saulino.png

Lauren Saulino, LMT

He quickly read what was already happening in my life and showed me where I was headed and offered options on what to do to bring positive change. He is able to put himself aside to receive messages. Trey is highly intuitive and has amazing healing energy.


Kristen Riggs

Experiencing uncertainties of life can sometimes be unsettling and uncomfortable for me, and Trey always delivers information in a way that is gentle and comfortable for me to receive and understand. His accuracy is also of the best I have ever experienced, and I feel he truly cares about me as a person and shares information in a way that beneficial and empowering to me.

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