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The Alchemist Compass
Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, and Individual Counseling


You Are Never Alone And Always Guided

Hello you lovely soul,

Nothing happens by accident. You came here to remember how to connect who you really are - that part you don't always see, but you feel it in those big moments in life. That voice you've felt nudging you all along. That's the real you - your higher self - and you communicate with it through intuition and feeling.


Are you looking to... 

1. Slow down and learn to own your power in a grounded, authentic, and YOU way?
2. Learn how to use intuition in every day decision making ?
3. Trust yourself ?
4. Learn to build a relationship with spirit using tarot and other tools?
5. To love the life you live by manifesting whatever you want in it?

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Sessions and rates

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Reiki Energy Balancing

Includes Reiki & Reading Combinations

$99 - 50 Minute Reiki

$115 - Reiki & Reading

$200 - Master Healing Session




Phone & In Person

$40 - 15 Minute Phone

$70 - 30 Minute Phone

$111 - 30 Minute In Person

$122 - 50 Minute In Person

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Zoom & In Person via

Inner Balance Counseling

$135 - Single Session

"We are all multidimensional beings full of limitless potential that stems from compassion and self-love. It's time to wake up and remember who you truly are."

Trey Jackson

Meet Trey

You Are The Alchemist's Compass

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My name is Trey Jackson, and I am a  APC therapist, author, and healer. This path wasn't something I always dreamed of living, but when something is part of your soul's purpose in life - it finds a way to manifest IF you allow it.

I help others on their journeys of returning to alignment with soul and source energy, and manifesting magic and joy here in the 3D world we live. 

I help lightworker and visionaries bring their dreams to reality. I help you heal and create an intuitive life you truly LOVE and want to wake up for... To change the world we have to start with who we are at the micro level. Are you ready for big changes in your life? Are you ready to follow your intuitive compass in your heart center? Let's get started...

Every soul is like a raindrop that falls from the sky into one vast ocean of consciousness...

Most raindrops hit the surface and make a small ripple that fades away...

But some ripples become waves.


Atlanta, GA



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